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Each Saturday a CCXC run is organised along three different loop tracks in several waves at a specific venue. The first wave is the shortest track (typically 2 km) with the second wave being a combined start of the medium (4 km) and long track (6 km) shortly after the first wave has finished.

Each track is clearly marked and where needed volunteers are posting along the track to give directions.

The Take and Go (TAG)-start makes use of the pre-programmed shoe tag that is recycled at the end of each race.

On the basis of the QR code on the ready for pickup notification a shoe-tag is issued at the registration desk. The shoe tag is used to measure your race time when you cross the purple mats both at start and finish. Cameras are used as backup to check start and finish times.




The 2022 Central Coast Cross Country season is starts safe. Several measures are taken..

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