Single race

You will participate in a single race and receive a single-use QR-code. This QR-code is linked to a personal card.

Additional costs are involved for your first race along the purchase of a personal scan card "weekly". In successive runs (i.e. on the basis of your card) the $10 admin fees are waived when picking up your shoe tag at the registration desk. So, effectively, the costs per race are $5 or $3 plus a one-off admin fee of $10 for this season.



Change year DOB

Click on the year number itself rather than clicking Nx12 times a month and scroll to year of choice. Note the DOB is reported in US format (MM/DD/YYYY). This is done deliberately to facilitate smooth transfer into race timing software.

Family discount

Season packs: use FAMxS+yJ with x and y the quantity at checkout. Example promo code: FAM2S+3J for 2 Senior and 3 Junior family members.

during registration
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