Six K race coupon

You will participate in a 6K race.


This race coupon includes:

  • a clearly marked cross-country track
  • a single-use shoe tag
  • flexible start in a few hours time window on a race day
  • timed race with sub-second accuracy
  • insurance during the race
  • your race time available at the finish line
  • your race time on the website shortly after  

Six K race coupon

SKU: 6KTAG2020
  • At the registration desk, show this race coupon to receive a single-use personal shoe tag.

    A photo will be made of the race coupon together with your shoe tag number. This registration is completed within 20 seconds and with the tag on your shoe you are ready to race.

    At your convenience the race is started when running accros the purple start mat and the timer is stopped after crossing the finish line. 

    After the race you can recycle the shoe tag by depositing it into one of the special recycle bins positioned near the finish.

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