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QR code now also available on pass

We start the weekly run by assigning your shoe tag along a QR-code. Not only makes this your choice in distance flexible but also implements Covid registration. The QR code is send along the Ready-for-Pickup notification and is now also available in handy credit card size (pick up at the registration desk). These cards/QR codes can be used throughout the season (of course depending where they are season or 5-pack codes). Presenting the QR code along any method will work; phone, printouts and now also on the card.

At least three scanners will be stationed at the registration desk to scan your QR code and link it to the shoe tag distance of your choice. The first number of the shoe tag relates to the distance, so 2034 is a tag for the 2K, 4102 for 4K and 6003 for the long distance. After finishing your race you can find your race time on the laptop computer stationed near the finish line. At the end of day all results will be on the website and an email report will be send out to you as well.

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